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Insurances is what we do !

We make sure your policy fits your needs.....

Most American's largest investment is their home so why not make sure that it has the adequate coverage?

What we do.

Home owners

Condo/ Renters

Duplex / Vacant Dwellings

Seasonal Dwellings

It's better to know now and not when you have a claim.

We recommend reviewing your policy every year and our highly trained agents can help you do that. Every year things change in our lives so why not review your policy and make sure it's up to date with those changes. Whether it's a home renovation or a new family member we can help you review your current policy and see if you are properly insured. We understand that insurance is not one size fits all therefore our policies are customizable to fit each individual's needs.

Types of polices

There are three basic polices most polices fall into these HO-B, H0-A and a Dwelling Policy. The HO-B policy is the one with the best coverage it stands for Broad Form and generally provinces the best coverage

Commercial Insurance

Adapting to change is what we do.

With an ever changing market it is sentential to have a company that can adapt to your needs.  Our agency has a commercial department so you always get a knowledgeable agent. We are pleased to save you time and money.

What we do.

Commercial Auto

BOP polices

Workers Comp

General Liability

We Issue Certificates with in 15 mints or less

 Time is important so we make doing business as easy as possible. Not just issuing certificates we also get most quotes completed with in 45 minutes or less.  We are fast and efficient give us a call 281-999-4717

Fast Service

Our commercial experts at Allsecure Ins will make sure that your business has the right protection. With multiple insurance carriers we are able to evaluate which one best fits your business needs. Following are some of the commercial insurance products that Allseucre offers to protect your business.  Commercial Auto, General Liability, Fleet Trucking Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Commercial Flood Insurance, Umbrella, Inland Marine, Cargo, Bonds, Commercial Property.

Give us a call to get an evaluation of your business insurance needs.



Flood Insurance

Changes are coming in 2018

There have been, and will continue to be, many changes to the Flood Insurance Program for 2018.

What we do.

Residential Flood

Dwelling only

Contents only

Commercial Flood

2017 Changes:

Overall, premiums will increase from an estimated average of $827 per policy to $878, for an average increase of 6.3%. Now, these amounts do not include the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act surcharge or the Federal Policy Fee.

When those are included, the total amount billed the policyholder will increase from $953 to $1,005, for an average increase of just 5.4%.

Just as a reminder, the premium increases effective April 1st, comply with all the requirements of both Biggert-Waters and the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.  For more information visit

Why Flood Insurance?

Most people are not aware that their home owner’s insurance policy does not cover them against flood. Rising water is only covered through a flood insurance policy and just because you are not in a high risk flood area does not mean that your property is not going to flood. The premiums for a property located in a low risk flood area a very inexpensive so there is no reason not to purchase flood insurance. Rates to cover your property and contents start as low as $129 and for contents only it's as low as $57.

Health Insurance

New changes for 2014. It's the law

Starting March 31st 2014 all legal US citizens must have health insurance that comply with (ACA) Affordable Care Act.

What we do.

Individual Health

Group Health

Life Insurance


Affordable   Care Act

Americans that don't have health insurance will now be able to choose insurance in an open competitive insurance market. The insurance exchange gives Americans the ability to choose from private insurance plans that were not affordable before.

The Affordable Care Act puts American in control of their health care. Americans will get lower premium cost if they qualify for it. If you already have excising coverage then you can just keep what you have. Also it caps out of pocket expenses for some families and preventative care will be fully covered.

If you don't apply by March 31, 2014 through the Health Insurance Marketplace you will not be able to apply until November of 2014. A penalty will apply for those who didn't obtain medical coverage by March 31,2014.
You can apply for coverage through the following link If you don't qualify for subsidy we offer Individual Health plans as well as Group Plans.

Auto Insurance

We specialize in Auto Insurance for everyone's needs

we have a verity of insurance companies to choose from. we can find the best rate that best fits your needs. It doesn't matter if you don't have a perfect driving record or perfect credit we can help you find the best rate

What we do.

Personal Auto

Commercial Auto

Non Owners


Not all Polices are created equally

Yes its true auto insurance differs from one carrier to another, its importing to have an agent who is knowledgeable to distinguish such difference. A experienced agent will know what policy fits you best. Here at Allsecure you can depend on us to guide you to the policy that best fits your needs at the right price.

Good to Know

There are two basic Auto Policy types Standard and Non-standard. The main difference is that Non-standard policy don’t have such provisions that would allow  you to drive any other vehicle other than the one schedule on you policy.(No Transfer of Liability ). Second they do not have Permissive use, in other-wards if you lend your vehicle to someone it may not be coved if they are not listed driver on your policy. These polices are generally referred to as Name Driver and Scheduled auto politics.


What s new for 2019 tax code.

starting tax year 2018 will no longer require all citizens to have health insurance.  As the penalties has been extinguished

What we do.

Personal TAX

Commercial TAX

ITIN Numbers

Prior Years Tax

We do it right the first time

Our tax advisor has many years of experience and with just one consultation she can evaluate your tax situation and advise you and what's best for you. She has experience in both personal and commercial taxes.

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